Weight Loss Made Simple With 4 Easy Exercises

There are many reasons why people become overweight but one sure thing to help maintain a fit and healthy body is simply being active. While going to the gym and joining a fitness program seem to be ideal choices, not everyone can do so due to time or financial constraints. There are, however, weight loss exercises that you can easily do in the comfort of your homes, around your complex, or at the park.

People would certainly find it easier to maintain exercise routines that are simple and easy to follow as these are less demanding of time and not so complicated to remember. Here are several fun and easy exercises that can help you get a healthier, slimmer, and sexier body.


Aerobics is a basic form of exercise that is effective for weight loss. Even pregnant women or old people can do this exercise, though they are recommended to stay with low impact aerobics. Low impact aerobics involves floor-based routines such as stretching and other movements. This type of aerobics is perfect not only for pregnant women and older people, but also for people recovering from injury and people who have weaker joints. To give more motivation to keep your aerobic exercise, select a routine which fits you and which you enjoy. There are also aerobics DVDs that you can buy to help you in choosing and following a routine.

High impact aerobics, on the other hand, is a very vigorous type of aerobics and recommended for people who can handle the intensity of activities that puts pressure on the joints and quickly increases heart rate. This includes hopping, jogging, and jumping. A 160-pound person can burn around 511 calories for a one-hour session of high impact aerobics, and about 365 calories for a one-hour session of low impact aerobics.


Biking is another form of a simple and enjoyable weight loss exercise that is also good for your heart. A 160-pound person biking for fun burns about 292 calories per hour. If you do it as a daily exercise, you will surely burn more fats. It is also a perfect weekend recreational activity with your kids or friends.

A stationary bike is another option that you can do even if the weather is not good. It is a great option for people who are trying to lose weight but find little excuses to postpone exercise routines. With a stationary bike, you can schedule your exercise any time of the day.


Swimming is one of the most ideal among weight loss exercises as it involves most of your body parts. Every time you swim, you are working out your abdominal, arms, chest, feet, buttocks, hands, hips, legs, and shoulders. By using these body parts, you burn hundreds of calories. A 160-pound person swimming laps will be able to burn 511 calories per hour. You may have observed that most, if not all, swimmers have fit and really trim bodies.


If you want to lose those additional pounds while enjoying the scenery, walking is just the option for you. A person weighing 160 pounds, who will walk at the rate of 2 mph, will be able to burn 183 calories per hour. After eating, you can go for a 1-hour walk and burn hundreds of calories. Walking is very easy and needs very less preparation. It is also less tiring and you can add it as a part of your day-to-day activities.

Losing weight may sometimes seem unattainable but be patient and take it one pound a time. Start with easy weight loss exercises that you have more chances of keeping such as aerobics, biking, swimming, and walking.

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  • goshaig says:

    I need tips for fast weight loss!? I am 12 years old and i weight 119 pounds. i am 5'1. is that normal? ineed help fast!

  • laguna says:

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. You are well within the reasonable weights for your height. If you really want to cut some weight though, I suggest better nutrition. You would be suprised how many calories most people consume each day in the form of soda and other sweets. It really will help you out later in life if you can get into the habit of eating well now.

  • centr says:

    How fast do you loose weight? I am not interested in starving myself its just my 14 yr. old daughter may be…..and i was curious as to how fast weight loss actually happens to help prevent her from doing it

  • dvk says:

    Losing weight is a simple equation: if you burn more calories than you eat, the weight will come off. Start off by estimating how many calories you burn each day using the daily calorie needs calculator This will give you an idea of how many calories to eat. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. To lose 1 pound per week you need to create a calorie deficit (burn more than you eat) of 500 calories per day. To lose 2 pounds a week, you have to double the deficit to 1000 calories per day. You can achieve this by eating less, exercising more or a combination of both.

  • savvina05 says:

    Beginner's Guide to Dieting –

  • ruslik088 says:

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  • xoloff says:

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  • mogs says:


  • vip_zone says:

    ( ! ) Don't starve yourself.

  • jsenskij58 says:

    Lowering your calorie intake will make your body reduce the rate at which it changes calories into energy. In other words, reducing calorie intake slows down your metabolism and holds onto your fat. Starving yourself will actually make it harder for you to lose weight. Food is fuel or energy and when you skip meals, you are not working on energy hat can be burned off. As a defense mechanism, your body clings to calories and slows down your weight loss.

  • lazutkin says:

    (2) Get a breakfast boost.

  • cmc99 says:

    Connie Dickman, a registered dietician and nutritionist advises not to skip breakfast. According to her, breakfast gives you energy so that you are not starving as the day go on. When you skip breakfast, you become so hungry that you eat more than you should or eat the wrong foods.

  • vm-market says:

    (3) Eat complex carbohydrates.

  • zaj_fly_nnov says:

    Practice eating complex carbohydrates rather than simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are found in food such as candy, cereal, softdrinks and ice cream. They are easily absorbed by the body and they stick to the ribs, according to weight loss specialist Dr. Daisy Merey. Simple carbohydrates have a tendency to make you store more fat.

  • ce3am says:

    On the other hand, complex carbohydrates which are found in pastas, potatoes, beans, whole grains, vegetables and fruits contain "good" calories that are easily burned.. In switching from a meat-based diet to the one tat is starch-based, you get the same amount of food with only 25% of the calories, says John McDougall, M.D., Director of the McDougall Program at St. Helena Hospital.

  • meteleva_sgb3 says:

    Eat more fruits and vegetables, which are high in complex carbohydrates. You will eat more, but you will lose more, because the feeling of fullness will hinder you from eating high-fat foods that make you gain weight.

  • ruix says:

    (4) Eat Fiber.

  • vadim-t says:

    Kristine Clark, the Director of Sports Nutrition at Penn State University says that eating high-fiber foods can help people keep their weight under control. Because foods hat are rich in fiber help people to slow down their eating and foods that are high in fiber contain less fat and sugar.

  • Rusty_ says:

    According to Nutrition experts, one should eat 20 to 35 grams of dietary fiber a day. There are two kinds of fiber in foods. The soluble and the insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers are those that dissolve and thicken in water. Foods that contain soluble fibers include broccoli, zucchini, barley, oat bran, beans and citrus fruits.

  • ksenia36 says:

    Insoluble fibers include skins of fruits and vegetables and the external coatings of wheat kernel.

  • azamats2003 says:

    Fiber is an essential ingredient in one's diet because the insoluble form prevents constipation. Studies revealed that the soluble fibers play an important role in reducing cholesterol.

  • iris_2006.58 says:

    (5) Drink water.

  • korvet says:

    Water helps the body break down fat and process waste according to Dr. Denise Bruner, a Virginia bariatrician, describing how water as part of her diet, helped her to shed 62 pounds. One should drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day.

  • jkob says:

    (6) Exercise and be active in household work.

  • ad says:

    T o exercise is one of the best ways to maintain your weight down. Exercise helps you to burn calories. According to Franca Alphin, Nutrition Director at Duke University Diet and Fitness Center in North Carolina, "You can lose weight without exercising, but you won't maintain the weight loss." Exercise may not be a major player in weight loss, but it is the number one player in preventing weight gain," says Jack H. Gilmore, Ph. D.

  • leezason says:

    Inactivity burns fewer calories each day, which are stored as fat. Daniel Kosich, Ph. D., the author of Get Real: A Personal Guide to Real-Life Weight Management and an advisor to Jane Fonda Workouts, says regular activity is a critical part of successful weight loss. It doesn't have to be a strenuous workout. You can burn calories just by doing ordinary chores such as gardening and housework. "Pushing a mop or vacuum across the floor increases your heart rate and creates resistance ," says Barbara Baldwin, Information Services Director for the American Running and Fitness Association in Maryland.